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Tomatoes and Cousins

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GroupSubCropVarietyDescriptionAvail In
Ground CherryGround CherryAunt Molly'sSweet, tropical-tasting gold berries wrapped in paper husks add magic to your garden. Bushy plants grow 2.5-3' tall. When ripe, the husk around the fruit becomes papery dry and the fruit falls off the plant to be picked up from the ground. Some people place a tarp underneath the plants to make harvesting easier, but either way the husks keep the fruit clean. Trellis or let sprawl. Bushy, spreading habit4.5" Pots
Ground CherryGround CherryGoldieBushy plants grow 2.5-3' tall. When ripe, the husk around the fruit becomes papery dry and the fruit falls off the plant to be picked up from the ground. Some people place a tarp underneath the plants to make harvesting easier, but either way the husks keep the fruit clean. Trellis or let sprawl4.5" Pots
TomatilloTomatilloPurple BlushRare purple tomatillo with exceptional appearance and excellent distinctive taste. Much sweeter than the green types with superb flavor eaten fresh from the plant, grilled or in salsa. Deep violet skin color bleeds into bright green interior flesh. Harvest after the papery husk has split, when fruits are golf ball-sized and skin has turned purple.4.5" Pots
TomatoesCherry TomatoBingExceptional rich flavor. What sets Bing apart is that every single plant has exceptional flavor, not only the occasional one. Fruity and sweet with perfectly balanced acid, in clusters of 1" fruit. Does best in hot and dry conditions, as the thinner skin will crack with sudden rains. Harvest more frequently in wetter conditions.4.5" Pots
TomatoesCherry TomatoBlack CherryRound, full-flavored cherry with distinctive purple-black color. One inch fruits with the juicy, meaty texture and sweet, rich flavor characteristic of all Russian black tomatoes. A striking addition to cherry tomato mixes. Very productive plants. Prolific.4.5" Pots
TomatoesCherry TomatoHoneydropOpen-pollinated. From a selection of F-1 Sunsugar, Rachel and Tevis Robertson-Goldberg of Crabapple Farm in Chesterfield, MA, developed Honeydrop. Honeydrop’s sweet juicy fruity honey-colored treats taste almost like white grapes. They are much less prone to cracking in wet weather than Sun Gold. Trialed it against Blondkopchen, Dr. Carolyn, Isis Candy, Lemondrop and Weissbehart. It bested them all by a wide margin in earliness, sweetness and complexity. Parthenocarpic. Still retains a percentage of recessive pink off-types.4.5" Pots
TomatoesCherry TomatoPeacevineA de-hybridized selection of Sweet 100, known for its incredible flavor and resistance to cracking. Produces impressive numbers of uniform bright crimson 1" tomatoes. Very high in Vitamin C and amino acids.4.5" Pots
TomatoesCherry TomatoSun GoldF-1 hybrid. To quote one customer, “Without these little babies, there’s no summer.” A perfect combination of deep sweetness with a hint of acid tartness. What is its elusive alluring tang? Quart after quart grace the table, yet we rarely reach surfeit July through September. Small fruits averaging 8.2g, borne in prolific clusters, ripen very early to a rich apricot color and keep producing till frost. Very prone to split so pick early when rains are forecast. Brix 8.4.5" Pots
TomatoesCherry TomatoSweetieSuper sweet red cherry tomato with high sugar content for eating right off the vine! Masses of 1-1.5" round cherries in long clusters. Firm texture similar to grape tomatoes; ideal for eating fresh or canning. Impressive vigor and reliability, ripening first and perfectly even during six weeks of rain and cold - an absolute standout! Vigorous. 4.5" Pots
TomatoesContainer TomatoesMicro-Tom - SOLD OUT 'World's smallest tomato variety,' developed by Drs., J.W. Scott and B.K. Harbaugh at the University of Florida. Grows 5 to 8 inches tall in a 4 inch pot bearing flavorful miniature tomatoes about the size of salad croutons. Plants are truly diminutive and wonderful for patios, windowsills or garden borders. Determinate. 85 days from seed.4.5" Pots
TomatoesContainer TomatoesPatioThis dwarf variety is one of America's most popular varieties ever for growing on patios, decks, courtyards, or wherever garden space is limited. Plants have attractive, deep green foliage and only become about 2 ft. tall, but produce large harvests of bright red, 3 to 4 oz. flavorful tomatoes. Outstanding for growing in containers -- one that measures at least 12 inches wide works best. Beautiful plant.4.5" Pots
TomatoesContainer TomatoesTumblerSpecially bred for hanging baskets. Bushy plants have pliable stems, and look fantastic when mixed in containers with Lobelia or Ivy. Sweet, bright red fruits. Bite-size tomatoes have a sweet flavor for fresh eating.
Try them sautéed and served over pasta, too!
4.5" Pots
TomatoesGrape TomatoesCopper BeautyOpen-pollinated. Indeterminate. This 2" long and 1" wide dark striped grape-plum with a pointed tip appears as ornament sprung from a sculptor’s imagination, with light mahogany streaks over a bronze base. Copper Beauty’s stunning deep streaked skin is paired with a dark red interior flesh of sweet flavor oscillating with tartness in a fruity firm texture. The productive plant will give you plenty of opportunity to marvel at its taste and beauty.4.5" Pots
TomatoesGrape TomatoesFlaming BurstOpen-pollinated. Indeterminate. 1¼ x 1" golden mini pears cluster on a steadily productive plant. Meaty but not dense; juicy and sweet but tangy. Delivers the correct culinary combination that so many insipid yellow cherries and pears lack.4.5" Pots
TomatoesGrape TomatoesHoney BunchF-1 hybrid. Indeterminate. No complexity here, just a luscious over-the-top sweetness with a honeyed nuance that could be habit-forming. For maximum enjoyment, wait until it ripens fully to a bright red in the field. That’s easy because they are very crack-resistant and seem to hold field quality forever. Bright red 8–14g 1x1½" fruits, the size of cherries, but the shape of grapes. “Like small Juliets.” Brix 9. High-yielding vigorous vines are tolerant to EB.4.5" Pots
TomatoesGrape TomatoesMidnight PearDark purple, small pear fruits have wildly cosmic flavor. These little fruits may look like your average black pear, but their outstanding flavor profile clearly earns Midnight Pear a place among the stars. Irresistible to harvesters and market-goers alike! 4.5" Pots
TomatoesPaste TomatoesBanana LegsBanana Legs is one of the most prolific paste tomatoes. The 4” long fruits make a sweet tomato sauce and are delicious sliced into salads. Also great for making yellow ketchup. Some ripe tomatoes will have light green stripes depending on weather conditions. 75 days.4.5" Pots
TomatoesPaste TomatoesBlack PlumSmall elongated-oval fruits are deep mahogany and sweet and fruity. These are small, teardrop-shaped morsels of sweetness, wonderful for snacking off the vine or for adding to salads. Prefereed by some for making sauces. 6-foot tall plants produce a steady, large crop. This is a unique and very tasty variety. One of the best yielders for both fresh market and home use. 4.5" Pots
TomatoesPaste TomatoesGilbertieLong, slender shape with characteristically green shoulders and a slight crook in the neck. Narrow fruits average 7" long with very solid, richly flavored flesh that makes excellent sauces and soups. Very small seed cavity.4.5" Pots
TomatoesPaste TomatoesOpalkaExpect copious yields of 3x5" massive solid bull’s horn–shaped red fruits with dry texture and few seeds. Also dries well. While some tomatoes falter during hot dry spells, Opalka produces consistently. The crinkly foliage is normal and not an indication of plant disease. Polish heirloom brought by the Opalka family to Amsterdam, NY, around 1900. A shy seed producer for seed savers.4.5" Pots
TomatoesPaste TomatoesRomaProductive plum tomato with great disease resistance! Vigorous and strong, producing heavy yields of picture-perfect, thick-walled fruits with deep red color and mild flavor. A good choice in the garden. Vigorous4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesBetter BushPerfect for large containers or small gardens, this has long been a favorite choice for growing on patios, decks, and balconies. That is because the compact plants are attractive while yielding good-sized 8 oz. fruit with real tomato flavor. Stocky plants grow 3 to 4 ft. tall with an upright habit, making staking needs minimal.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesBlack PrinceOpen-pollinated. Indeterminate. In 1997 when we were among the first to offer this émigré from Irkutsk, Siberia, we were way ahead of our time. These iridescent 5–7 oz garnet-colored globe-shaped fruits are among the most uniformly handsome in the tomato kingdom. This prince has earned a reputation for outstanding flavor similar to that of Black Krim, but without Krim’s fragility and tendency to crack. A superior home-garden tomato that is also a reliable heavy-yielding field-to-market choice for growers without high tunnels.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesCherokee PurpleLarge beefsteak fruits with mauve-purple skin, green shoulders and red flesh. The most popular of the "black" tomatoes for its outstanding flavor and texture. Widely grown by gardeners and market growers alike. A popular heirloom for the garden or greenhouse. Believed to trace back over 100 years to the Cherokee tribe.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesCosmonaught VolkovWins every taste competition with its rich complex flavor! Sweet and tangy fruits are slightly flattened with a healthy red color and moderately green shoulders. Prone to cracking in wet conditions, but not nearly as much as Brandywine. Originally from Ukraine; produces high yields even in cool conditions. Works well in low tech tunnels.
4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesGolden JubileeAlso known as Golden Jubilee. Amy Goldman describes its flavor as “sprightly” and says it was a favorite of Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens in Syracuse, OH, who offered it under the name Golden Sunray. The best medium-sized open-pollinated orange tomato, Jubilee ripens smooth-textured sweet mild meaty 8 oz globes. Pruning will produce larger fruits. Nikos discovered Jubilee at a Waldo County Extension taste test at Unity College. She brought one in and it was superb, almost on a par with Goldie both for texture and flavor. Jubilee is smaller than Goldie and less prone to blemish. A cross between Tangerine and Rutgers, it won an AAS for Burpee in 1943. Resistant to ASC.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesGreen ZebraPopular succulent green fruits with sweet and zingy flavor. Medium-sized fruits start out pale green with dark green stripes that soften and turn yellow when ripe. Perfect exteriors; fruits hold up under adverse conditions and rarely crack. Grows well in the greenhouse, too! Resists cracking.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesJohn BaerIntroduced in 1914 by J. Bolgiano and Son of Baltimore. Bright red, meaty, smooth fruits with very good flavor. Once a leading canning variety, also great for fresh eating. Heavy producer. Indeterminate, 60-80 days from transplant. Plant produces high yields of 6 oz bright red tomatoes. They are very meaty and flavorful. Perfect for sandwiches, burgers, salads, slicing, and canning. Crack resistant. Excellent choice for home gardens and market growers.
4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesKellog's BreakfastLarge orange beefsteak fruits weigh 1-2 pounds. Delicious rich flavor with a good acid/sugar balance. Very productive. These beautiful fruits are a stand out in flavor, production and texture. The interior is a sunny bright color reminiscent of fresh squeezed orange juice with a taste like a barrel full of sunshine. The sweet, but tangy, flavor is a perfect balance for any use and the tomatoes are resistant to sunburn and blossom end rot, developing without blemish almost every time. Originally from West Virginia. Named by Darrell Kellogg of Redford, Michigan who received it from a friend4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesMedfordSOLD OUT
4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesMoskvichHigh quality, early season red heirloom that rivals hybrids. Fruits are round to slightly flattened with deep red color and luscious, rich flavor. Great eaten fresh or processed. Highly resistant to cracking, making it a great pick for the greenhouse. Like all Russian tomatoes, it can stand up to cool conditions.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesPonderoso sel Oro LarosaPonderosa sel Larosa. Indeterminate from Puglia. A golf ball-sized tomato, yellow/red on the outside, red/yellow inside. Amazing production. Holds forever on the vine. Good taste; very nice salad tomato. Early to mid season. Fruit keep well after harvest, sometimes the last tomatoes you'll eat in the year. Often pulled and hung in the fall for winter consumption.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSlicing TomatoesRutgersHearty tomato flavor and meaty texture developed in 1934. Bright red fruit with a small seed cavity and good color throughout, good for slicing or canning. Widely adapted and crack resistant. Developed in 1934 by Rutgers University.4.5" Pots
TomatoesSmall (Salad) TomatoesBlushElongated sunset-colored variety widely sought for its exceptionally sweet, juicy, tropical flavor. Beloved by chefs for their artistic coloring, excellent flavor and ease of slicing. Prolific fruits are ripe when a pink blush appears over the golden yellow skin; ripens off the vine without compromising flavor. 4.5" Pots
TomatoesSmall (Salad) TomatoesJaunne FlammeProlific French heirloom that will set your heart on fire with its sweet, fruity flavor. Like a grown-up Sungold with larger apricot-sized fruits. 1.5-2" fruits hang in neat clusters. A terrific salad tomato that is also great for sauces and for drying. Versatile, Prolific.4.5" Pots
Micro Tom Tomatoes