Growing Nature’s Way in Silver Lake, NH

Hours are Sunday – Thursday 8am – 6pm     Phone: 603.367.8419

About Our Plants

We are certified organic by the state of New Hampshire’s Department of Agriculture, Markets, & Food and are Licensed Plant Dealers in NH. We combine our own time-tested blend of micro nutrients and soil aeration ingredients with regionally produced, compost based, certified organic seeding and potting mixes to ensure healthy seedlings and plants.  

We rely on proper spacing, air flow, temperature, water, timing, and nutrient balance to grow strong and pest resistant plants that will grow for you. 

We offer a mix of open-pollinated as well as favorite hybrid varieties. Seeds saved from open-pollinated plants will grow true to type. Hybrids are most emphatically NOT genetically engineered – no GMOs here, ever!  

We source our seeds from a variety of reputable, primarily regional, sources; seeking out certified organic seeds whenever possible. Over 75% of our vegetable and herbs varieties started as organic seeds. We do purchase 6 – 12 varieties of certified organic herb plugs each year – primarily due to constraints on the time and facilities to produce sizable seedlings. Additionally, some herbs do not come “true to type” when grown from seed. We are beginning our journey producing plugs from our own cuttings – with the goal of producing plants adapted to our local climate for your growing pleasure. 

Some of our plants are sold in organically approved, biodegradable pots for those plants which “demand” minimal root disturbance at transplant. You can plant these pots right in the ground. The remainder of our plants are sold in cleaned, reused and recyclable plastic pots and packs. We encourage you to return these good condition pots and packs to us after you have transplanted your plants. We will clean, sanitize, and reuse them. 

For growing information, two good regional references are the websites of High Mowing Seeds (Vermont) and Johnnys Selected Seeds (Maine). FEDCO Seeds also has good information. We do purchase seeds from each of these sources. 

Our plants are available here at the farm in Silver Lake, at the Tamworth Farmers Market, and also at Paris Farmer’s Union in North Conway. 

About Our Plants