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GroupSubCropVarietyCatDescriptionAvail InDTM
BasilCardinalAA true stunner in your herb and ornamental beds alike; cardinal basil will erupt with deep purple red flower bracts over a long season, giving the pollinators plenty to look forward to. A slower growing and more compact upright basil than most other Thai basils, cardinal basil will provide a long steady harvest of its large spicy sweet leaves perfect in Thai cooking but also quite lovely in certain Italian dishes and fresh in the summer cookout team. It has been remarkably disease resistant and cold tolerant 4 inch pot65 Days
BasilDeep PurpleAGlossy deep purple leaves striking enough to be ornamental! Delicious in vinegars or as a garnish for your favorite meals. Strong flavor well-suited to cooking. Beautiful pale purple flowers with deep purple leaves and stems—ideal for adding to bouquets. Average height is 8-10".4 inch pot65 days
BasilGenoveseALarge-leaf type from the Genoa area of Italy, the pesto capital of the world. Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese'. Uses: Culinary/Beverage/Aromatic.4 inch pot65 Days
BasilGreekAEarly and adorable topiary-like plants with dark green miniature leaves. Captured our hearts with the cutest, most uniformly rounded habit of any mini basil. Small, sweet leaves excellent for garnishes and salad dressings. Ideal for containers! The scent and flavor is intense - like a nice genovese plus a pop of lemon and oregano.4 inch pot55 Days
BasilKapoor Tulsi (Sacred)AUnique, spicy aroma with hints of coffee and chocolate. Compact but very full, attractive plants. Mild spicy aroma with hints of sweetness. Faster growing than green holy basil, and its purple flowers also make it a nice beneficial and/or ornamental. For teas, culinary, and medicinal use. Very good resistance to downy mildew. Also known as "Spice Basil". Plants stand a bit more cold than other basils.4 inch pot100 Days
BasilLemonAVibrant and flavorful lemon basil is an herb that will add zip and zest to your cooking. It is a highly regarded culinary ingredient across the globe and one of our favorites for fusion and experimental cuisine. In Laos it is known as pak i tao; its leaves are used in soups, stews and countless other dishes, and the seeds are soaked and made into a dessert. Lemon basil is essential to many Asian dishes and is highly fragrant.4 inch pot65 Days
BasilSweetATraditional Italian favorite used fresh, in vinegars and as the main ingredient for pesto. This very popular and heavy-yielding variety produces large aromatic leaves that delight the taste buds as well as the nose. Leaves are deep green and slightly cupped. Average height is 10-12". Excellent for processing. Versatile. Garden or Containers.4 inch pot65 Days
BasilSweet Thai (Flowering)ASporting the same purple stems and flowers of standard Thai, but displayed upon a strong bushy umbrella form with wide and beautifully ample flowers. Flowering Thai voluminously produces large broad leaves, more akin to Sweet Basil, with excellent savory-sweet anise flavor. Perfect to edge any path or pleasure planting, its bouquet habit and bounty for cooking make it ideal for near-house easy access. 4 inch pot60 Days
BasilThaiASimilar to anise basil, but the flavour and fragrance is distinctively less licorice-like. This is the true strain used in Vietnamese and Thai cooking. Essential fresh cut accompaniment to many Vietnamese dishes, including pho, a famous beef or chicken noodle soup. Addictive!4 inch pot65 Days
BorageBlueAA great border for the vegetable garden where the dense plants smother weeds and attract bees. Bears many small flowers that open blue, turn purple and then pink and make colorful additions to salads. Enjoy the cooling properties of very young leaves on a hot day. Used in cough syrups or frozen in ice cubes to lend cucumber flavor to cold drinks. A nourishing tea for nursing mothers. Bushy 2–3' annual likes sun, prefers moist well-drained soil. Survives light frosts.6 inch pot55 Days
BorageWhiteAMeet blue borage’s rare white-flowered sister! The edible alabaster blooms of white borage impart a subtly sweet cucumber flavor and are irresistible to pollinators! This annual herb can be grown in USDA zones 3-9 and reach 2 to 3 feet tall. The young leaves and blooms are edible; leaves are perfect tossed into salads, and the blossoms make an incredible edible flower for garnish and in beverages like cold tea! Interplant throughout your garden to encourage beneficial insects and entice pollinators to work your other blooms!6 inch pot55 Days
CilantroLeisureACilantro 'Leisure' has been bred for large, flavoursome leaf production. This variety is extra slow bolting and is great for hot weather regions. 'It is a particularly fine coriander variety of superb quality, the leaves are excellent in chopped in curries and chutneys, or as a garnish. Also grown for its spicy seeds that are used crushed in curries.804s50 Days
DillBouquetAThe most widely-grown organic dill for fresh eating, flowers and seed heads. A versatile, early-maturing variety used for fresh leaves, seedhead production and cut flowers. Produces seed heads well ahead of others and right in time for summer pickles. Flowering umbels average 6" wide. Great for pickling. 30" tall3 inch pot50 Days
DillGreen SleevesAA compact, high yielding dill for leaf production. Slow to bolt; ideal for leaf production over a long harvest window. Excellent for planting in containers. Dark green leaves are aromatic and pleasingly sweet eaten fresh or dried.3 inch pot45 Days
HorehoundWhiteP Z4Herbaceous perennial native in the Mediterranean basin and Asia, having naturalized worldwide, widespread in the American SW. Traditional usage (TWM): cough and sore throat. Plant prefers full sun and dryish, nutrient-depleted soils. This is a plant that can literally be killed with kindness, so allow it to grow on the margins of the garden where water and nutrients grow thin. Transplant to 1 foot apart–they are somewhat diminutive and will grow only about as tall as your knees.4 inch potZ4 - 9
LavenderHidcote (1+ yr old plants)P Z5Compact habit, silver-gray foliage and deep purple flowers with sweet fragrance. Deer resistant perennial that can be used to border vegetable gardens, grown in containers, or in mass plantings. Likes well-drained soil.4.5 inch peat potZ4 - 9
LavenderMiss KatherineP Z5Miss Katherine Lavender (Lavandula Miss Katherine) is the best pink-flowered English Lavender currently in cultivation, blooming in late spring-early summer with numerous spikes of light pink flowers.4.5 inch peat pot
LavenderMunstead (1+ yr old plants)P Z5Lavender colored flower spikes, bushy habit with gray-green leaves. Compact plant for borders, garden or containers.4.5 inch peat pot
MintChocolatePChocolate mint leaves have a delightful minty chocolate flavor, much like the classic Girl Scout cookie. Stems tend to run rampantly over—and under—soil. In small garden spaces, it’s best to tuck chocolate mint into a pot to contain its wandering ways. Chocolate mint thrives alongside water gardens or in damp spots in the yard. Lushest growth occurs in moist soil in partial shade. Crush fresh leaves into water for a refreshing beverage, or add to tea or coffee. You can also dry leaves for flavoring desserts, like ice cream, meringues, quick breads, or cakes. Pick leaves frequently. Plants open lavender blooms in late summer. Tolerates light frost.4 inch pot
OreganoHot and SpicyP Z4Highly aromatic herb offers a spicy flavor in the kitchen and looks great in the herb garden or mixed border. Rich green rounded foliage and pink summer flowers. Boasts an intense, strong flavor; use sparingly at first, in spicy salsa and chili dishes.4 inch pot
OreganoItalianP Z4Strong spicy flavour, similar to sweet marjoram. It is actually a hybrid of sweet marjoram and oregano and the mixed parentage makes it a wonderfully versatile herb in the kitchen. Use it like you would oregano -- or use it like marjoram! White flowers appear in summer. Ht. 8-24in. Pot up for wintering in your kitchen.4 inch pot
OreganoZaatarP Z4An oregano that carries a bit of zing, and is a necessary ingredient in the condiment za’atar. Mix with sumac, toasted sesame seeds, salt and sometimes a few other herbs to make the sprightly topping so essential to Middle Eastern cuisine. Bushy tender perennial, grown as an annual in colder climes. For most aromatic flavor, harvest before its small white flowers appear.4 inch pot
Oregano, SeedsGreekP Z4Native to Greece. A prized Oregano cultivar, which makes an invariably spicy and aromatic herb, a culinary boon for rendering various dishes succulent.  Definitive taste for Pizza and very popular in sauces and salad dressings.   Greek Oregano graces any border or path, establishing in colonies. Traditional usage: carminative, flavor enhancement.  Plant prefers full sun, dryish soils.4 inch potZ4 - 8
ParsleyCurleyB Z3Standard early variety with rapid regrowth and excellent uniformity. The leaves are deeply cut and very tightly curled, resembling verdant forest moss. Curled-leaf parsley is a more subtle seasoning than Italian flat leaf and makes for an attractive, nutritious garnish. 10" tall.3 inch pot75 Days
ParsleyFlatleafB Z3Classic flat leaf variety for use either fresh or dried for seasoning. Stems hold leaves upright for easy bunching. A very nutritious and tasty addition to meat and vegetable dishes, soups and salads. Excellent for freezing, drying and fresh eating.3 inch pot70 Days
RosemarySpeedyP Z8‘Speedy’ Rosemary is exactly as the name implies…...speedy growth! A woody, perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen, needle-like leaves and light purple flowers. Fresh or dried leaves are used in traditional Italian cuisine and is fantastic in freshly baked breads.4.5 inch peat pot
SageGardenP Z4Wonderfully aromatic gray green leaves used in soups, meat dishes, gravies and stuffing. Sturdy, woody stems can be used as ornamental branches in floral wreaths. Beautiful lavender flowers in summer. Excellent fresh or dried4 inch pot
TarragonFrenchPThe true tarragon, which does not propagate by seeds. Dark green, shiny leaves possess distinctive flavour. Grows to 90cm/36”. Requires light, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Artemisia dracunculus sativa.4.5 inch peat pot
TarragonFrench (1+ yr old plants)PThe true tarragon, which does not propagate by seeds. Dark green, shiny leaves possess distinctive flavour. Grows to 90cm/36”. Requires light, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Artemisia dracunculus sativa.4.5 inch peat pot
ThymeFrenchP Z4(Summer thyme) Thymus vulgaris. Narrow leaves, distinctly greyer and sweeter than English. Preferred by the French. Needs some winter protection. Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Aromatic.
4 inch pot
ThymeGerman WinterP Z4Evergreen woody perennial bush, a German cultivar. We rate the culinary attributes of this plant equal to the broadleaf English type, and they may be used interchangeably, and probably no-one would be able to tell the difference in cooking. Continuing to compare this plant with the English broadleaf type, this German cultivar actually has fatter leaves Good source plant for making Thyme tea. Plant prefers a sunny and dry position.4 inch pot