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Cukes Melons and Squashes

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GroupSubCropVarietyDescriptionAvailable In
CucumberPickling CucumberNationalShort, thick cukes with blunt ends are perfect for pickles and delicious in salads. Fruits have striped, medium green skin and a slightly tapered shape to fit in a pickle jar. A heavy producer with black spines. Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association; the cuke pickle growers asked for. Productive.4.5" Pots
CucumberSlicing CucumberMarketmore 86Released in 1986 by Dr Munger of Cornell, this white-spined slicer is 5 days earlier, dark green skin and a slimmer shape. This along with broader disease resistance, a less sprawling keafy habit and high yields gives us a noteworthy alternative to MArketmore 76.4.5" Pots
CucumberSlicing CucumberSilver SlicerA creamy-white slicer with excellent flavor and lovely smooth skin. Thirty-five seedsters can't be wrong; the hands-down winner in our taste tests for its mild flavor, juicy texture and thin skin. Fruits are 2" wide, with a long, narrow shape and mild flavor. Bred by Cornell University. 4.5" Pots
CucumberSlicing CucumberTasty Green F1A slender Asian burpless variety with delicate skin and sweet flavor. Vigorous plants produce long, slim fruits with higher yields and smoother skin than the heirloom Suyo Long. An early producer, Tasty Green F1 offers high quality fruit with shallow ridges and crisp texture. Popular for growing in home gardens. Best quality trellised, as fruits tend to curl if plants are left to grow over the ground. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew.4.5" Pots
MelonsMuskmelonEmerald Gem“Luscious beyond description" was W. Atlee Burpee’s review from 1886. Sweet and juicy orange flesh with a rich, musky flavor and spicy cinnamon aroma that is prized to this day. A heavy producer with dark green, slightly netted skin. Short harvest window; collect melons when skin becomes netted and fruits slip from the vine. Also known as 'Netted Gem'. 4.5" Pots
MelonsMuskmelonPetit Gris de RennesThe champagne of Melons, this French heirloom produces small two to three pound dense Melons with heavenly-sweet, perfumed orange flesh. Adaptable to most climates including cooler zones, these divine dark gray-green Melons are quite rare yet are the top pick in Melon taste tests. (OP.)4.5" Pots
MelonsMuskmelonSweet GraniteReleased in 1966 by the late Professor Elwyn Meader of the University of New Hampshire. An early variety well suited for direct seeding in far northern, coastal, and mountain climates. Oblong, sweet, orange-fleshed fruits have light netting and weigh 2-3 pounds. Fruits keep 1-2 days after slipping. 65-80 days4.5" Pots
PumpkinPie PumpkinBaby PamCommercial standard for pie pumpkins with long handles and dry, bright orange skin. Stringless, sugary flesh cooks down to a smooth, superior pie filling. Slightly smaller and more uniform than New England Pie. Great for painting and carving! Reliable harvest.4.5" Pots
PumpkinPie PumpkinWinter LuxuryOur sweetest pie pumpkin with elegant appeal. Deep orange skin is decorated with silvery netting and slight ribs, giving it a magical appearance. Excellent for pie, cheesecake and soup. Similar to New England Pie in size but doesn't keep as well. Velvety sweet flesh. 4.5" Pots
PumpkinSeed PumpkinGodiva - Naked SeedLady Godiva organic pumpkin seeds are hull-less for roasting and eating as pepitas. The bowling ball sized fruits are striped with highly stringy flesh that isn't good for eating. However, inside each pumpkin is up to one pound of seeds. The seeds have no hard coating, so they can be scooped, cleaned, and roasted right away. Lady Godiva is the industry standard for extracting pumpkin seed oil, for confectionery use. In fertile soil, each plant can produce a staggering 12 to 15 fruits. Pumpkin seeds are true superfoods, containing manganese, tryptophan, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, protein, zinc, and iron. They are thought to promote prostate health, protect bones, act as an anti-inflammatory, and lower cholesterol.4.5" Pots
SquashSummer SquashEarly Yellow CrookneckTender lemon-yellow fruits. Signature bent fruit are best harvested at 5-6" long or smaller for best flavor and texture. Our strain has been selected for yield, shape and quality. If left to overgrow, can be used for a dark yellow, warty ornamental gourd. Prolific yields.4.5" Pots
SquashSummer SquashSuccess StraightneckProlific, disease resistant plants with smooth, uniform and attractive fruit. A breakthrough in OP summer squash; high yielding with potential of three+ months of abundant, disease-free harvest. Resistant to Powerdy mildew. Uniform shape.
4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashBurgess ButtercupDark green fruits with golden orange, stringless flesh and sweet, rich flavor. A long-time New England favorite! Typically produces 10-12 fruits per plant, with vines reaching 15' long. This strain has a high percentage of clean, non-warty and uniform squash. Fruits have a gray button on the blossom end. C. maxima. 4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashButterbush ButternutCucurbita moschata Open-pollinated. Smooth tan 2–3 lb fruits with small seed cavities and deep reddish-orange flesh are “as sweet as the best sweet potatoes.” Superior nutty flavor, moist but never watery—though not as moist as the larger butternuts. Its earliness is a boon in cold summers. Though named and classed as a bush butternut, more accurately they have determinate vines that can crawl up to 10' in good fertility. Still a big advantage where space is precious. Average yield is 3–5 ripe fruits per plant. Excellent keeper.4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashDelicata, BushSuperbly sweet, tender flesh unique to Delicata. The only winter squash that can be eaten with skin on, after baking or boiling. This strain has been selected since 2001 for uniformity of size, shape and color as well as yield of sweet, soft-shelled fruit. Uniform fruit. 4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashRed KuriTeardrop-shaped, striking red-orange squash from Japan. Also known as Baby Red Hubbard or Orange Hokkaido, this delectable variety has smooth, sweet, dry orange flesh. Very reliable yield even in cool climates with short growing seasons. 4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashSpaghettiFork over the squash pasta! Oblong, medium-sized light yellow fruits have very sweet flesh. Bake or boil this unusual vegetable and the flesh separates into long noodles resembling spaghetti. A fun treat for the family with kid friendly vegetable appeal - just top with sauce and serve! 4-5 fruits/plant. C. pepo. Kid friendly. Stores several months.
4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashSweet Reba AcornHigh yielding, uniform, disease resistant variety that allows for good sugar production. Continues putting energy into developing sugars long after everything else has withered. Out-performed Table Ace in bush habit, mildew resistance, yield, flavor, uniformity and ripeness in trials. 4-5 fruits/plant. Bush habit.4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashThelma Saunder Acorn(aka Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato) Originally from Thelma Sanders of Kirksville, Missouri. The seed was passed from Evert Pettit to Sue and Tom Knoche, Ohio squash collectors. All these seed stewards were among SSE’s earliest members. Wonderful cream-colored acorn squash. Sweet chestnut flavor, enormously productive. Thelma described this good keeper as ‘better than sweet potatoes.’ 85-90 days.4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashUncle David's Dakota Dessert - ButtercupBred by David Podoll, this buttercup-type variety is a cross between Hubbard, Gold Nugget and other maximas. You benefit from over 40 years of selection work: our family has been selecting for deep orange color, thick flesh, rich taste, sweetness, smooth texture, vigor and hardiness in cold weather. The end-result is a real work-horse variety with the ability to produce solid yields for you in variable conditions. This full-flavored, rich tasting squash stars as a side-dish and is an excellent player in pies and desserts.4.5" Pots
SquashWinter SquashWaltham ButternutBy far the most widely grown OP butternut with delicious, finely textured dark orange flesh. Uniform fruits with smooth, tan skin that is easily peeled with a potato peeler. Strain has been selected for uniformity of size, shape and yields. Excellent keeper if cured properly.

4.5" Pots
SquashZucchini SquashBlack BeautyExtra long and slender zucchini with dark green, almost black coloring. Single-stemmed plants are sturdy and stems have few spines. Plants produce quickly and have good field resistance to disease. PM tolerant.4.5" Pots
SquashZucchini SquashCostata RomanescoWins every taste test with its unique, slightly nutty flavor and exceptional texture. Italian heirloom with tender, gray-green skin and prominent ribbing that give this variety a distinctive appearance. Great picked at 6" or smaller and fried whole with the flower still attached. Gourmet variety.4.5" Pots