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Cukes Melons and Squashes

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GroupSubCropVarietyCatDescriptionAvail InDTM
CucumberPicklingAdam F1AHigh-quality heavy yielding European pickler. Fruit possesses a full, even shape with minimal tapering at a small size. Dense, crisp flesh and characteristic bumpy skin are most pronounced when young and help maintain crispness in pickling. Plants do not require pollination - perfect for greenhouses! 3-4" fruit3 inch peat pot60 Days
CucumberPicklingLittle Leaf H19AUniform fruits great for fresh eating or pickling. Compact, multi-branching vines climb easily; small leaf size makes fruit easy to see. Great for field, greenhouse, or containers. Developed and released by the University of Arkansas in 1991. Plants produce fruit under stress and without pollinators, guaranteeing high yields. 3-4" fruit3 inch peat pot58 Days
CucumberPicklingNationalAShort, thick cukes with blunt ends are perfect for pickles and delicious in salads. Fruits have striped, medium green skin and a slightly tapered shape to fit in a pickle jar. A heavy producer with black spines. Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association; the cuke pickle growers asked for. Productive.3 inch peat pot52 Days
CucumberSlicingMarketmore 86AReleased in 1986 by Dr Munger of Cornell, this white-spined slicer is 5 days earlier, dark green skin and a slimmer shape. This along with broader disease resistance, a less sprawling keafy habit and high yields gives us a noteworthy alternative to Marketmore 76.3 inch peat pot56 Days
CucumberSlicingSilver SlicerAA creamy-white slicer with excellent flavor and lovely smooth skin. The hands-down winner in our taste tests for its mild flavor, juicy texture and thin skin. Fruits are 2" wide, with a long, narrow shape and mild flavor. Bred by Cornell University. 3 inch peat pot54 Days
CucumberSlicingTasty Green F1AA slender Asian burpless variety with delicate skin and sweet flavor. Vigorous plants produce long, slim fruits with higher yields and smoother skin than the heirloom Suyo Long. An early producer, Tasty Green F1 offers high quality fruit with shallow ridges and crisp texture. Popular for growing in home gardens. Best quality trellised, as fruits tend to curl if plants are left to grow over the ground. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew.3 inch peat pot60 Days
MelonsSweet GraniteAReleased in 1966 by the late Professor Elwyn Meader of the University of New Hampshire. An early variety well suited for direct seeding in far northern, coastal, and mountain climates. Oblong, sweet, orange-fleshed fruits have light netting and weigh 2-3 pounds. Fruits keep 1-2 days after slipping. 65-80 days3 inch peat pot80 Days
SquashPieNew England PieACommercial standard for pie pumpkins with long handles and dry, bright orange skin. Stringless, sugary flesh cooks down to a smooth, superior pie filling. Slightly smaller and more uniform than New England Pie. Great for painting and carving! Reliable harvest.4.5 inch peat pot105 Days
SquashPieWinter LuxuryAOur sweetest pie pumpkin with elegant appeal. Deep orange skin is decorated with silvery netting and slight ribs, giving it a magical appearance. Excellent for pie, cheesecake and soup. Similar to New England Pie in size but doesn't keep as well. Velvety sweet flesh. 4.5 inch peat pot100 Days
SquashSummer n ZucsEarly Yellow CrookneckATender lemon-yellow fruits. Signature bent fruit are best harvested at 5-6" long or smaller for best flavor and texture. This strain has been selected for yield, shape and quality. The only yellow summer squash we grow for ourselves. If left to overgrow, can be used for a dark yellow, warty ornamental gourd. Prolific yields.4.5 inch peat pot50 Days
SquashSummer n ZucsSlick Pik YS 26ASpineless and extra early. combines extra earliness with spineless leaf petioles for a better percentage of blemish-free fruits and an easier harvest. The very attractive fruits have good flavor, and are a bit longer than typical, yellow straight necks. Bred by Dr. Brent Loy at the University of New Hampshire. 4.5 inch peat pot48 Days
SquashSummer/ ZucsDark StarADark green, glossy fruit on single-stemmed plants with great vigor. Bred for vigorous, productive plants that establish easily without irrigation. Modern open-pollinated variety. Best at 6-8".4.5 inch peat pot55 Days
SquashSummer/ ZucsPantheon F1AClassic Costata Romanesco appearance but superior uniformity, higher yielding, and easier to harvest. Improved upright bush habit with reduced spines. Firm flower attachment at marketable size and attractive, glossy fruit.4.5 inch peat pot50 Days
SquashWinterBurgess ButtercupADark green fruits with golden orange, stringless flesh and sweet, rich flavor. A long-time New England favorite! Typically produces 10-12 fruits per plant, with vines reaching 15' long. This strain has a high percentage of clean, non-warty and uniform squash. Fruits have a gray button on the blossom end. . 4.5 inch peat pot105 Days
SquashWinterButternut, BruleeAA prolific and early producer of stout, personal-sized squashes with traditional butternut color. Uniform, squat fruits have a rich and savory flavor profile, with just the right amount of sweetness. Very high yields on vigorous plants.4.5 inch peat pot90 Days
SquashWinterDelicata, Honey BoatAMany claim that this refined Delicata is the "sweetest squash in existence". Long fruits have the traditional green striping of Delicatas, but with coppery skin instead of the classic yellow. Holds well and keeps its sweetness through storage. 4.5 inch peat pot100 Days
SquashWinterSpaghettiAFork over the squash pasta! Oblong, medium-sized light yellow fruits have very sweet flesh. Bake or boil this unusual vegetable and the flesh separates into long noodles resembling spaghetti. A fun treat for the family with kid friendly vegetable appeal - just top with sauce and serve! 4-5 fruits/plant. C. pepo. Kid friendly. Stores several months.
4.5 inch peat pot88 Days
SquashWinterWaltham ButternutABy far the most widely grown OP butternut with delicious, finely textured dark orange flesh. Uniform fruits with smooth, tan skin that is easily peeled with a potato peeler. Strain has been selected for uniformity of size, shape and yields. Excellent keeper if cured properly.

4.5 inch peat pot105 Days