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Lettuce Coles and Greens

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GroupSubCropVarietyCatDescriptionAvail InDTM
LeeksFallComanche F1Early fall leek with long white shanks and dark bluish-green foliage. These beautiful white shafts are durable with a tender interior. The layers are easy to peel making them an ideal allium for the kitchen. With an upright growth habit, plants have good field holding quality and a flexible harvest window.4.5 inch pot80 Days
LeeksFallKing SiegOpen-pollinated. Beth Rasgorshek of Canyon Bounty in Idaho crossed King Richard with Siegfried Frost leek to create a versatile stable cultivar that has some of the good attributes of both. Sieg appears to have inherited the most from Siegfried. Its shanks are intermediate between the long King Richard and the short Siegfried, about 6" long but with a wonderful 3" thickness for a wide edible area. It also has some of Siegfried’s delightful blue-green coloration and delayed maturity. 4.5 inch pot85 Days
LeeksFallLancelotA dependable heavy-yielding virus-tolerant bolt-resistant leek. Suitable for late-fall harvest and possible overwintering in climates warmer than ours. Uniform 12–14" shafts with good thickness. 4.5 inch pot90 Days
LeeksWinterTadornaWinter leek with stocky, dark green shafts that size up well and hold into the fall. A favorite of growers in the Northeast for its vigorous growth and good resistance to disease. Well adapted to many regions; Overwinters in mild climates. Good resistance to leaf blights.4.5 inch pot110 Days
OnionsCipolliniRed GenevaStorageAn attractive red Cipollini-type with excellent flavor. Slightly slower to mature than yellow varieties, but with comparable shape and size. Excellent flavor for eating raw or cooking.4.5 inch pot105 Days
OnionsCipolliniYellowStorageFlattened yellow cipollini onion with great flavor. Exceptionally strong flavor that sweetens with cooking. Great for grilling, roasting and pickling. Small bulbs won't store for more than a few months but are so delicious that you won't need them to!4.5 inch pot80 Days
OnionsRedRed CarpetStorageMagnificent magenta interior rings make this an especially gorgeous red onion. Tight bulbs that store extremely well, with the excellent color on the interior layers. Great storage. 3-4" bulbs4.5 inch pot115 Days
OnionsRedRed MountainStorageRed Mountain consistently produces large 16–18 oz glossy deep red globes, regardless of dry or wet conditions. Red Mountain’s necks sit down in the field earlier than others, aiding harvest in unpredictable fall weather. After curing and storage, Red Mountain keeps like a rock through April with succulent texture and balanced mild sweet onion flavor.4.5 inch pot107 Days
OnionsRedTropicana LungaShort StorageGorgeous bottle-shaped bulbs with brilliant red coloring. Slender bulbs with healthy green tops make a stunning bunch. Torpedo-types are preferred by culinary enthusiasts for easy preparation and long, uniform bulbs. Mild, sweet flavor is great for pickling and using raw in salads. Try on the grill!!4.5 inch pot115 Days
OnionsStorageCalibra (Sweet)StorageSpanish cross with sweet and mild flavor that sweetens in storage. Round, hard globes with a slight shoulder, attractive reddish skins and thin necks that dry down well. Suitable for storage; superior quality and flavor in March. 3-4" bulbs.4.5 inch pot110 Days
OnionsStorageYankeeStorageVery productive storage variety with medium-sized round bulbs. Dark brown skins and bulbs that remain hard and sound until spring. High yield and excellent storage qualities. 3" bulbs.4.5 inch pot108 Days
ShallotsEd's RedOpen-pollinated. Full flavored, delicious, sweet and meaty. Stands up under weed pressure. These fairly large gorgeous red shallots have great storability.4.5 inch pot105 Days
ShallotsMatadorGiant, uniform shallots in beautiful papery skins. Large, blocky bulbs are easy to process in the kitchen and have the traditional flavor and sugar content of shallots. A vigorous variety that produces two large twin bulbs per one seed.4.5 inch pot100 Days
Swiss ChardMulti ColorMulti ColorStriking blend of red, pink, white, yellow and gold stems. Upright habit makes for clean production and easy harvesting. Color intensity is not as well defined early on; mostly pink, red and white at baby stage. Grow to full size for a dazzling display.606s60 Days
Swiss ChardRhubarbRhubarb SupremeRich crimson red stems and bright green savoyed leaves. Highly savoyed leaves, color contrast and minimal chocolate leaves late in the season. Good early coloring of stems, perfect for baby leaf or grow to full size.606s60 Days
Swiss ChardGreenFordhookFordhook Giant' is an old favorite with its broad, strong stems and large leaves packed with vitamins and minerals. A vigorous grower with a long growing season, it will provide fresh greens from early summer into fall, and year-round in mild climates. White stem varieties are generally more bolt and cold tolerant and more productive than colored stem varieties. Young leaves are great for salads. Glows in containers as an ornamental.606s55 Days
Swiss ChardRhubarbRuby Red'Ruby Red' chard will beautify your garden as well as your plate! An 1850s vigorous grower with a long growing season, it will provide fresh greens from early summer into fall, and year-round in mild climates. Packed with vitamins and minerals, young leaves are great for salads. Any size leaves can be steamed, stir-fried, added to lasagna, omelets, soups, and stews, and mixed with other greens. Good container variety.606s55 Days
LettuceButterheadGreen and Red MixedMix of red Cardinale and Carmona with green Nancy butterhead lettuces.606s50 Days
LettuceLeafGreen and Red MixedA delightful mix of red (New Red Fire), and yellow-green (Australian Yellow) leaf lettuces.606s50 Days
LettuceRomaineXalbadora MiniVersatile mini romaine with sweet flavor. Fast-growing and remarkably upright with a very long harvest window. Usable at many sizes, including mini hearts that are nicely blanched and filled at maturity. Nice crunchy texture. Upright frame that makes it easier to harvest. High resistance to downy mildew.606s50 Days
ArugulaMixedMix of: Astro (mildly spicy), Esmee (more nutty), Rocket (robust peppery) and Ice-bred (complex full flavors). Mix of strap and cut leaf shapes as young plants. Good as a cut and come again crop. Cook mature leaves with other greens. Protect from heat with shade cloth to retard bolting.804s40 Days
BroccoliBelstarHeat tolerant broccoli for spring, summer and fall crops. Compact plants have round domes, small to medium beads and short stems with a thick main stalk. Domes span 6-8" at maturity and average 1.5 lbs. Ideal for short-stemmed crown cuts or florets. 10-14 day harvest window. 804s65 Days
BroccoliCovina F1Stressful field conditions don't bother this workhorse broccoli - upright, large-framed plants produce big, tightly beaded heads for reliable harvests. Good for both spring and fall production. 6-8" heads.804s75 Days
BroccoliDeCiccoItalian variety known for tender stalks and mild flavor. Reliable multi-cut variety that produces a compact, 3-4" bluish-green central head followed by a prolific set of side shoots. Variable maturity results in a long harvest period for both central heads and side shoots. Excellent home garden variety.804s48 Days
BroccoliWaltham 29Sturdy 20" plants support 5-6" dark blue green heads with medium to large beads and long stalks (hard to find with modern hybrids). Developed to withstand increasing cold for fall maturity. Heat-sensitive - best for a fall crop. 5-6" heads with many side shoots!804s85 Days
Brussels SproutsNautic F1Disease resistant variety for a reliable crop of tightly wrapped sprouts. Nautic's sprouts are spaced further apart, allowing plants to dry out quickly to avoid spread of disease and making it easier to harvest individual sprouts. Vigorous and sturdy plants with 1" sprouts.804s120 Days
CabbageGreenFaraoLeaves are thin and juicy with a slight peppery bite, perfect for stir-fries and egg rolls. Small, uniform heads with attractive rosebud wrappers are great for smaller households. Round heads with a short core hold well in summer heat; habit suitable for dense plantings.804s80 Days
CabbageGreenGolden AcreSuper early, adorable green 3-4 lb heads on compact plants; perfect for smaller households! Round and solid, with delicate but crunchy texture and sweet, spicy flavor with buttery undertones when cooked. Few outer wrapper leaves; short harvest window. Habit suitable for dense plantings. 804s62 Days
CabbageRedDeadonCold-hardy with striking sage-purple wrapper leaves and lime green interiors. Long storage. 4-5 lb heads.804s105 Days
CabbageRedRed ExpressHeads up quickly into tidy little 2-4 lb red cabbages perfect for smaller portions. Very nice color and early maturity. Compact habit; can be densely planted at 8" spacing. Great for northern climates and small spaces.804s62 Days
KaleLacinato-typeDazzling Blue (Lacinato)Dazzling indeed, this Lacinato-type delights with unique coloring and rich flavor. Vigorous plants produce leaves with purple midribs and a range of colors that intensify in cool temperatures.Hardier than the traditional Lacinato. Ideal for raw kale salads. Colored Lacinato-type · 24-30 tall.606s60 Days
KaleCurlyDwarf GreenA frost tolerant variety from northern Germany that can be harvested long into winter. Similar to Ripbor with a slightly smaller frame and attractive, tender medium green leaves.606s60 Days
KaleSiberianWhite RussianSweet, tender leaves with excellent frost tolerance. with blue green leaves and white ribs that get sweeter in cold weather. Tolerates wet soils and just as hardy as the toughest Russian.606s55 Days
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