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Lettuce Coles and Greens

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GroupSubCropVarietyCatDescriptionAvail InDTM
CeleryTangoAGreatly improved variety that is early and easy to grow. Plants are vigorous with good flavor; excellent for shorter seasons and home gardens. Smooth, non-stringy stalks with a big celery crunch and beautiful, apple-green tops. Self-blanching; 18-20" tall.4 inch pot85 Days
LettuceBatavianMixed Green and RedAAlluring wine-red European batavian is a classic both for baby leaf and full head production. Looks a little like a butterhead-romaine cross, as the open rosettes fold together like a romaine in the center at full maturity. Shiny red leaves on the outside, green in the center, crisp and juicy with some heft.606s48 Days
LettuceButterheadGreen and Red MixedAMix of red Cardinale and Carmona with green Nancy butterhead lettuces.606s50 Days
LettuceLeafGreen and Red MixedAA delightful mix of red (New Red Fire), and yellow-green (Australian Yellow) leaf lettuces.606s50 Days
LettuceRomaineJadeite (Mini)ATrue to name, mini-romaine Jadeite’s matte apple-green rounded leaf and graceful small vase form looks carved. It practically glowed from within with pristine health through our hot and humid 2018 lettuce trial. With a delicate crunch, a dash of juicy sweetness, and touch of buttery texture to the blanched yellow hearts, Jadeite’s small stature yields artisan-quality flavor. While not as furnace-proof as full-sized romaines, Jadeite has good heat tolerance and very good cold hardiness, allowing closely spaced successions through many seasons.606s50 Days
LettuceRomaineJerichoBright green leaves, unique silky texture and sweet flavor even in the heat of summer. Good selection for indoor or outdoor cultivation, with some tolerance to powdery mildew and downy mildew as well as excellent resistance to heat stress and tip burn.606s57 Days
LettuceRomaineMarshallAAs Merlot is to looseleafs so Marshall is to romaines, the standard for color intensity. Deep dark red leaves with contrasting pink veins, and a smidgen of light green in the center. Tall upright 8" heads. Leaves smooth and succulent, crisp and chewy, lacking the bitterness usually associated with such coloration. Ornamental and delectable606s67 Days
LettuceRomaineMixed RomaineAMix of mini and full size romaines. Enjoy the mini romaine while waiting for the full size to mature.606s60 Days
BroccoliBelstarAHeat tolerant broccoli for spring, summer and fall crops. Compact plants have round domes, small to medium beads and short stems with a thick main stalk. Domes span 6-8" at maturity and average 1.5 lbs. Ideal for short-stemmed crown cuts or florets. 10-14 day harvest window. 804s65 Days
BroccoliCovina F1AStressful field conditions don't bother this workhorse broccoli - upright, large-framed plants produce big, tightly beaded heads for reliable harvests. Good for both spring and fall production. 6-8" heads.804s75 Days
BroccoliDeCiccoAItalian variety known for tender stalks and mild flavor. Reliable multi-cut variety that produces a compact, 3-4" bluish-green central head followed by a prolific set of side shoots. Variable maturity results in a long harvest period for both central heads and side shoots. Excellent home garden variety.804s48 Days
Brussels SproutsNautic F1ADisease resistant variety for a reliable crop of tightly wrapped sprouts. Nautic's sprouts are spaced further apart, allowing plants to dry out quickly to avoid spread of disease and making it easier to harvest individual sprouts. Vigorous and sturdy plants with 1" sprouts.804s120 Days
CabbageGreenGolden AcreASuper early, adorable green 3-4 lb heads on compact plants; perfect for smaller households! Round and solid, with delicate but crunchy texture and sweet, spicy flavor with buttery undertones when cooked. Few outer wrapper leaves; short harvest window. Habit suitable for dense plantings. 804s62 Days
CabbageNapaBilko NapaADisease resistant, dense heads with crispy, tender texture. Broad white midribs and pale green outer leaves with a creamy yellow interior. 12" barrel shape heads. Stores into late fall. 804s63 Days
CabbageRedPrimero F1AEarly producing, compact, dark red heads ideal for, succession plantings. Texture is tender and very sweet with a manageable 2-3 lb head size that is perfect for a single meal. Plants are uniform and highly productive. Plants head up quickly which makes them perfect for succession growing. Interior leaves are plentiful, protected by nice wrapper leaves.804s62 Days
CauliflowerAdona F1AStrong, vigorous plants with beautiful, high quality heads. Well-domed compact heads with dense flavorful white curds that resist becoming fuzzy or ricey. Heads are well-protected; wrapper leaves are well suited to tying or the "break, fold and cover" method of blanching. Tolerant of bacterial soft rot and downy mildew. 5" heads804s63 Days
CauliflowerBermeo F1AHardy leaves surround a reliable firm, round, domed head. Excellent variety for summer production due to exceptional heat tolerance. Heads are uniform and dense, making it a great choice. Plants hold well in the garden. 6-7" heads.804s68 Days
GreensMixed ArugulasAMix of: Astro (mildly spicy), Esmee (more nutty), Rocket (robust peppery) and Ice-bred (complex full flavors). Mix of strap and cut leaf shapes as young plants. Good as a cut and come again crop. Cook mature leaves with other greens. Protect from heat with shade cloth to retard bolting.804s40 Days
GreensCurlyDwarf GreenAA frost tolerant variety from northern Germany that can be harvested long into winter. Similar to Ripbor with a slightly smaller frame and attractive, tender medium green leaves.606s60 Days
GreensLacinatoDazzling Blue (Lacinato)ADazzling indeed, this Lacinato-type delights with unique coloring and rich flavor. Vigorous plants produce leaves with purple midribs and a range of colors that intensify in cool temperatures.Hardier than the traditional Lacinato. Ideal for raw kale salads. Colored Lacinato-type · 24-30 tall.606s60 Days
GreensSiberianWhite RussianASweet, tender leaves with excellent frost tolerance. with blue green leaves and white ribs that get sweeter in cold weather. Tolerates wet soils and just as hardy as the toughest Russian.606s55 Days
GreensGreenFordhookAFordhook Giant' is an old favorite with its broad, strong stems and large leaves packed with vitamins and minerals. A vigorous grower with a long growing season, it will provide fresh greens from early summer into fall, and year-round in mild climates. White stem varieties are generally more bolt and cold tolerant and more productive than colored stem varieties. Young leaves are great for salads. Glows in containers as an ornamental.606s55 Days
GreensMulti ColorRainbowAStriking blend of red, pink, white, yellow and gold stems. Upright habit makes for clean production and easy harvesting. Color intensity is not as well defined early on; mostly pink, red and white at baby stage. Grow to full size for a dazzling display.606s60 Days
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