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Tamworth Tomato Taste-off

Calling All Carroll County Tomato Lovers!!

The Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth is hosting a Tomato Taste-Off on Saturday, September 3rd (Labor Day Weekend)

The coordinators are looking for Carroll County home gardeners and commercial farmers to submit their best tasting tomato varieties – to “compete” for bragging rights. We are especially looking for uncommon, heirloom, or otherwise different varieties. We have space for up to 40 samples.

There is no cost to participate – except for sufficient number of tomatoes to include 1 whole for display plus others to be cut-up for 1 to 2 pints of ½” cubes (whole for cherry/grape varieties) of each named variety.

The tasters are anyone who attends in Tamworth village on Sept 3rd between 9:30 AM and 12:45 PM. Taste testing will be conducted blind – by sample #.  The actual variety name and grower will not be revealed until the results are tallied. Results will be posted via area electronic bulletin boards or email.

Get in on the fun!

If you are interested in submitting samples or for more information, contact the coordinators by Sept 2rd or Click HERE to download the 2022 Tomato taste Off Registration form.


Hope Requardt  — or 410-463-9977

Sandy Brocaar  — or 603-367-8419