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GroupSubCropVarietyCatDescriptionAvail InDTM
AlternantheraPurple PrinceAnnualThe star attraction of this Latin American tropical stunner is the ravishing, splashy, colorful foliage. ‘Purple Prince’ rolls out a magic carpet of burgundy-purple leaves complemented by ruby rose undersides. Mounding, spreading, non-flowering 10-16 inch groundcover is full-on purple from the get-go, with hues intensifying in the sun. Cascades happily from a mixed container, or mingles prettily with marigold ‘Strawberry Blonde’ in the sunny border. Thrives in full blast heat and sun; requires little water, disease-resistant.6 inch pot
CalendulaKablounaAnnualDistinct refined form features striking crested blooms of gold, orange, lemon and apricot with a dark contrasting center. One of the loveliest of the calendulas. Especially attractive to pollinators. Calendulas bloom over an extremely long period, thriving in cool weather and persisting through autumn’s first frosts.804s60 Days
CalendulaPacific Beauty BlendAnnualAn early and bright medley of single and double orange, gold, yellow and cream-colored flowers. Well-branched plants with tall, straight stems great for cutting, with continuous blooms all summer. Fresh petals are beautiful in salads and as cake decorations. Also known as pot marigold. Calendulas bloom over an extremely long period, thriving in cool weather and persisting through autumn’s first frosts.804s60 Days
CalendulaZeolightsAnnualPinky-maroon backing shows through the yellow petals to lend a pink tinge to the familiar calendula-yellow. Dark centers accentuate the color contrast. Especially attractive to pollinators. Old kitchen garden flower, 18–20" tall, also known as Pot Marigold. Beautiful daisy-like flowers feed pollinators, are good for informal bouquets, and are also edible. Blossoms can be snipped from their stems, dried and added to soups, salads and stews. They are also used in homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures and ointments for their antiseptic and soothing qualities. Calendulas bloom over an extremely long period, thriving in cool weather and persisting through autumn’s first frosts.

804s60 Days
CosmosCranberriesAnnualStunning dark maroon semi-double to fully double flowers have a light picotee edge. Not the earliest to bloom but well worth the wait. Temporarily set back by excessive rains but makes a good recovery. Strong stems with attractive ferny foliage grow 2–3'. Long-lasting in a vase. 804s85 Days
CosmosSea ShellsAnnualAdd colorful texture to any bouquet. Tubular petals with fluted edges. Effect is two-toned and three-dimensional. 2 1/2-3" blooms in carmine, rose, pink, and white. Cosmos are also known as garden cosmos. Attracts Hummingbirds, Attracts Pollinators, Cut Flower, Drought Tolerant, Deer Resistant. 3'–5' tall804s85 Days
CosmosSensationAnnualThis variety yields regal plants topped with extravagant blossoms that have tubular petals in a range of pastel pinks and white. Because it deters pests, this is a great companion plant with corn. Easy to care for; once established they are drought tolerant. They prefer neglect over attention, making them a perfect choice for wildflower or naturalized areas.804s85 Days
EchinaceaCheyenne SpiritPerennialFirst-year flowering perennial in a stunning mix of colors. Bred for well-branched plants with more 3–4" flowers per plant. The vivid red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow, and white blooms can be used as cuts or as high-impact landscaping or container plants. Attracts and is a food source for bees.6 inch pot
HeliotropeMarineAnnualHeliotropium arborescens. An old-fashioned scented flower whose aroma fills the garden on a cool damp day. Victorians edged their rose beds with heliotrope and it is still cultivated in Europe for perfumery. Smells like sweet violet, but deeper, and has been described as similar to vanilla, almond or cherry pie. Works well in hanging baskets, containers, the front of borders or any location where the scent will readily reach you. It may be transplanted indoors for the winter. 14–18" plants with deeply etched viburnum-like dark green leaves bear big flat clusters of tiny star-shaped royal blue flowers. Native to Peru.6 inch pot120 Days
IpomoeaCardinal ClimberAnnualThe bright cardinal-red flowers of this vine bloom from early summer until frost and are handsomely contrasted by finely cut emerald-green leaves. While this climber is loved by gardeners, it is also irresistible to hummingbirds and has been cultivated since the 1800s. The vigorous vines will climb 10-15' if given room on trellises and arbors and are well-suited to being grown in containers. Half-hardy annual.6 inch pot
IpomoeaMoonflowerAnnualBeautiful 5-6" blossoms are closed all day until sunset when the flowers open, releasing one of the most fragrant perfumes in the summer garden. Frequently visited by night pollinators. Annual in the North, perennial in milder areas. Vines 8-12' tall, if given proper support. Although frequently visited by hummingbird moths, the plants, seeds, and foliage of this variety are all poisonous—please use caution.6 inch pot
MarigoldInca MixAnnualCome in a vibrant mix of yellow, orange and gold, and cover the plants. Marigolds have few pest problems and their roots repel nematodes. They're also heat and drought tolerant. Produces enormous 4" fully double brilliantly colored blooms. Great for massed borders, these compact 12x14" plants allow you to pack them in. Remove spent flowers to promote new blossoms and maintain a clean look. Likes moist well-drained soil. For a dazzling contrast, plant next to blue or dark purple flowers.804d60 Days
MarigoldPinwheelAnnualPollinators and growers alike are amazed at Pinwheel’s playful coloring, which entrances passersby to stop and join in the fun! Easy to grow, these relatively tall marigold plants produce prolific blossoms and will be covered in bees and butterflies for many months as they continue to bloom. 2.5 - 3.5' high.804d65 Days
NasturtiumBlendAnnualAttractive, sunny mix of yellow, orange, rose and crimson flowers on trailing plants. Delicate lilypad-like leaves are just as attractive as the bright flowers. Edible flowers and foliage are a gourmet treat with flavor reminiscent of peppery watercress. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers or in the garden. Water during dry spells, but do not fertilize, as this will promote more foliage than flowers.12 inch Basket60 Days
NasturtiumDwarf Jewel BlendAnnualA very beautiful and vibrant mix that produces cherry rose, golden, peach melba and primrose flowers that stand out! Nasturtiums are edible, making these peppery petals beautiful additions to any dish. The Dwarf Jewel Mix will flower most freely in full sun and poor dryish soils. Water during dry spells, but do not fertilize, as this will promote more foliage than flowers.12 inch Basket60 Days
NasturtiumEmpress of IndiaAnnualDelicate lilypad-like leaves are just as attractive as the bright flowers. Edible flowers and foliage are a gourmet treat with flavor reminiscent of peppery watercress. Perfect for hanging baskets, containers or in the garden. Water during dry spells, but do not fertilize, as this will promote more foliage than flowers.12 inch Basket60 Days
NasturtiumKaleidoscope MixAnnualAdd excitement to any garden bed or container. All the traditional bright colors (red, rose, yellow, orange, and cream) of a nasturtium mix with the added plus of marvelous swirled bicolors. Plants have a climbing and trailing habit. Also known as Indian cress. Edible Flower: Use the flowers as garnishes, or stuff with soft cheese. The flowers can be minced and added to butters and the immature seed heads can be pickled. Nasturtiums are a popular choice for adding color to salad mix. Peppery-flavored foliage is also edible. Ht. 16".12 inch Basket80 Days
NicotianaOnly the LonelyAnnualClusters of drooping tubular white blossoms perfume the garden day and night. Also known as Woodland Tobacco. Arrived in cultivation from Argentina in 1899 and offered by Geo. B. Haskell Co. of Lewiston, Maine, for a nickel per packet in 1904. In dwarfing nicotiana, breeders took away its fabulous fragrance. Only the Lonely, a stately 5', delivers the full powerful scent its more compact cousins lack. Plant it near a door or under your bedroom window where you can enjoy the aroma during the night. Note: this is not a smoking tobacco. 4 inch pot
Ornamental MilletPurple MajestyAnnualThe purple corn-like stalks and leaves are topped with 12 in. long purple plumes dusted in pollen. Growing 4-5 ft. tall, Purple Majesty is a stunning accent plant for your garden or landscape. An All-America Selections Winner. Plants tolerate high heat, can be planted against fences and walls, along driveways in hot spots that would burn most plants. Seeds are loved by goldfinches. Space 12" apart.10 inch pot
ThunbergiaBlack-eyed Susan VineAnnualAlso known as Clockvine and native to tropical Africa. Formula mix of colors includes pure white, golden-orange, golden-orange with black centers, pure yellow, and yellow with contrasting black eyes. Great for hanging baskets, containers, or garden trellises. Fast-growing, and quick to bloom. Grown as an annual in the North.4 inch pot
ZinniaBenary's Giant MixAnnualVigorous all-season producers hold up well in summer rain and heat all over the country. Densely petaled blooms are up to 6" across. Long-lasting standouts in bouquets. Colors include: deep red, orange, carmine rose, coral, lime, wine, purple, bright pink, white, salmon rose, scarlet, and golden yellow.804d85 Days
ZinniaCactus Flowered MixAnnualUnique quilled petals. Large 3-6" blooms with quilled petals give bouquets a unique, yet still grand appearance. Field-grown mix includes shades of orange, pink, red, yellow, peach, and white. 804d85 Days
ZinniaGiant Bright PinkAnnualHigh yields of long, sturdy stems with 4-6", fully double, dahlia-like blooms. Excellent vase life. Vigorous plants hold up well in summer heat and rain. Low susceptibility to powdery mildew.804d85 Days
ZinniaGiant Dahlia Flowered MixAnnualAn absolute must for the cutting garden. 4-6" single, semidouble, and double flowers. A mix of yellows, roses, scarlet, green, orange, pink, red, purple, and coral. Ht. 40–50"804d85 Days
ZinniaGiant LimeAnnualRadiant 2-3½ in. semi double and fully double, lime-green flowers on strong 2 ft. stems. Cut flowers are long lasting and blend easily with nearly any color. Plants are sturdy and branching, will reach 28 to 38 in. tall.804d85 Days
ZinniaGiant ScarletAnnualThe most elegant giant dahlia-fowered zinnia. The densely petaled double fowers regularly exceed 4" across, showy yet extremely refned, borne on long stems perfect for cutting. Highlighted by the uniform petal patterns, colors are particularly bright. Holds better than most even under the stress of high heat and rainfall. Absolutely breathtaking in ideal conditions of rich, well-drasined soil with regular water. 3–3½' plants.804d85 Days
ZinniaGiant WineAnnualHuge 4-6 in., fully-double rich wine colored blooms make excellent cut flowers. Rain, heat and mildew resistant plants are strong growers to 3 feet tall.804d85 Days
ZinniaGolden YellowAnnualWell-branched stems provide a continuous supply of easy-to-grow 3-4" fully double gold blooms that hold up well in a vase. Excellent heat and cold tolerance keep this variety productive until frost. The zinnia of choice for market growers; on a par with State Fair Mix for home gardeners.804d85 Days
ZinniaInca MixAnnualWaist-high stems bear striking 3–4" single blaze-orange blooms with showy little yellow doodads (disk florets) in the center. Long stems for cutting. Flowers fluorescently from July to October. A favorite for bright color in New England summers.804d85 Days
ZinniaJazzy MixAnnualJazzy Mix is similar to Persian Carpet but with a wider range of colors. Attractive fully double and semidouble blooms are 1-2" in size. Bright but earthy tones add unique accents to specialty bouquets. Bicolor blooms in shades of burgundy red, red, yellow, and orange with cream, red, or yellow tips. Flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies galore! Ht. 20–26".804d85 Days
ZinniaOklahoma Formula MixAnnualBright colors, excellent vase life, and low susceptibility to powdery mildew. Prolific, 1 1/2–2 1/2" double and semidouble blooms. Ht. 30–40".804d85 Days
ZinniaOklahoma IvoryAnnualShades of ivory with low susceptibility to powdery mildew. Blooms are 1 1/2-2 1/2", double and semidouble. These petite, yet sturdy blooms make excellent, reliable accent flowers for bouquets804d85 Days
ZinniaPersian CarpetsAnnualListed by many companies earlier this century as Mexican Hybrids. Beautiful semi-double flowers with mahogany, orange, gold, cream, and many bicolored blossoms. Very good for cutting. Resists mildew. AAS winner in 1952. 24-28" tall. These are small accent flowers to use in vases with larger zinnias. 804d
ZinniaState FairAnnualJumbo dahlia flowered 5" flowers, a wide range of colors and tall, robust plants. Colors include red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white and bicolors. Disease resistant with terrific sun and heat tolerance. Often blooms over a 10 week period. 36" height. 804d
ZinniaWhirlygig MixAnnualWhen one color won't do, these bicolor blossoms step in and stay put. This vibrant mix is loved by butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects. Easy to grow. Zinnias prefer well-drained average soil. Water regularly, keeping leaves dry. Remove spent blossoms frequently to prolong blooming. Space 10 - 12" apart; full sun.804d85 Days