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How To Order

Ordering is now CLOSED for the 2020 Spring and Summer Season.

We thank our customers, old and new, for their purchases of MiVida Gardens plants this year and hope your plants are flourishing in your gardens! As a result of the demand, we are now sold out of tomatoes. Only a few other plants remain and will be available at the Tamworth Farmers Market on Saturday, June 6th. We are closed for the season after that. Now, we can plant our own personal garden and begin planning for the 2021 spring season.

THANK YOU for all of the orders, farmers market and on farm sales this year! 


Ordering is easy!

Start by downloading and printing the Order form and Price List. Then, your choice of refreshments by your side, review the various sections of our catalog, noting which plants strike your fancy and meet your gardening needs for this year. Be sure to consider not only choices for the veggie garden but the herbs and flowers and ornamentals as well. As the saying goes – we do not live by bread alone.

Write your choices on the order form, indicating how many of each variety you would like.

Total everything up and email a copy back to us at or print out the form, fill it out and snail-mail to PO Box 310, Madison, NH. 03849

Mivida Gardens

274 Savary Road
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