Growing Nature’s Way in Silver Lake, NH

Hours are Sunday – Thursday 8am – 6pm     Phone: 603.367.8419

How We Grow

We are all part of the natural world here on planet Earth. Our every action and choice has an impact on our local part of the world. Without the soil beneath our feet and the plants that grow upon it – we could not live. Without clean air and water, and the changing seasons, the plants could not thrive.

Each plot of ground is individual, supporting its own unique microcosm of soil inhabitants and plants, changing over time and even within a single season – all depending on how the soil is nurtured

We firmly believe that if we nurture the soil, even if it is in a single pot, that the soil will nurture us. To that end, we have made choices in our growing practices.

We choose to grow without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. We choose to use untreated seeds from non-genetically engineered plants. We choose to use natural, slow release fertilizers and only when needed on our soils and plants. We choose to grow and offer a wide group of crops so that we can avoid mono-cultures in our gardens and fields, mimicking the ways of nature and helping to disrupt pest and weed cycles. We choose to grow and offer flowering plants to provide habitat to our native pollinators and beneficial insects.

In short – we choose – Growing Nature’s Way.

Happy Growing!